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Went up there on a Saturday, they had all these American records playing, covers all over the ceiling.

I’d Rather Go Blind, by Chicken Shack

And that's when I first got 'Freddie King Sings'. I took it home and listened and thought, I don't believe this! Chris Wood had attended Stourbridge Art College in and learned to play the flute before later graduating to saxophone. By March , he was performing with Sounds Of Blue although he left the following year before they went over to Germany as Chicken Shack. Chris Wood then joined Jim Simpson's jazz influenced band called "The Kansas City Seven" see Locomotive and later became a founding member of the highly acclaimed and internationally successful Traffic.

Stan Webb recalled; "We did some of the Shades Five circuit, but the main thing was this one gig on a Sunday at Dudley Liberal Club, every Sunday for a year and it was absolutely packed. On bass and harmonica sometimes was Christine Perfect and Andy Silvester played rhythm guitar. Coming from a musical family, she learned to sing and play piano at an early age.

Christine said; "I didn't have a clue as to what to do on piano. Stan bought me a Freddie King album and that was the beginning of my absolute love for the blues". The Seven Stars pub in Stourbridge hosted blues nights with Sounds of Blue becoming regular performers.

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One of their fans was a young wanna-be blues singer and harmonica player named Robert Plant. He would sometimes persuade the older musicians there to let him go on stage and sing a few blues songs with them. Robert of course years later went on to world-wide fame as vocalist in the acclaimed rock group Led Zeppelin. Sounds of Blue eventually disbanded with the various members going their seperate ways.

Chicken Shack - Wikipedia

Andy Silvester and Stan Webb decided to form a new blues-based group and selected the name "Chicken Shack" in reference to an old blues expression meaning "road house". Meanwhile, Christine Perfect headed down to London where she worked for several months in the West End as a window dresser. Andy Silvester remained in contact and kept writing persistently asking her to join the new Chicken Shack line-up. Finally, she agreed and took a train back to Birmingham. In April the group headed over to Germany for an extended engagement at Hamburg's famous Star Club.

Many British acts, including The Beatles, had got their start performing in the Hamburg clubs resulting in some bands attracting a large German following. This was certainly the case with Chicken Shack who stayed for an extended period and remain popular in that country to this day. That was brilliant, some of the best times I've ever had. We were the only band doing the sort of stuff we were doing.


The Star Club at that time wasn't getting many people in. Inside a week we started packing them in and they were so pleased with what was happening they put the money up and cut the hours. We couldn't do any wrong. There were various drummers in the line-up during this period before Dave Bidwell from London joined them. The combination of Stan Webb's bluesy guitar virtuoso and Christine Perfect's emotionally charged vocal gained Chicken Shack many followers.

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They soon caught the attention of London producer Mike Vernon who operated his own Blue Horizon record label. Vernon signed the group to a recording contract. Chicken Shack had toured the U. The "Krewsaders" played mainly at weddings and parties covering songs from the The Shadows. Barton declined, however, but gave him John McVie's phone number, urging Mayall to give the talented young bass player a chance in the Bluesbreakers.

Mayall contacted McVie, and asked him to audition for his band. Soon thereafter, McVie got offered to play bass in the Bluesbreakers. McVie accepted while still holding down his daytime job for a further nine months before becoming a musician full time. In , a young Peter Green was asked to join Mayall's Bluesbreakers as the band's new lead guitar player, after Eric Clapton, the original guitar player, had left the band.

Green, Fleetwood, and McVie quickly forged a strong personal relationship, and when John Mayall gave Green some free studio time for his birthday, Green asked McVie and Fleetwood to join him for a recording session. Later the same year, after having been replaced by Mick Taylor in the Bluesbreakers, Peter Green opted to form his own band, which he called "Fleetwood Mac" after his preferred rhythm section McVie and Fleetwood.

Mick Fleetwood immediately joined Green's new band, having been dismissed earlier from the Bluesbreakers for drunkenness. However, McVie initially was reluctant to join Fleetwood Mac, not wanting to leave the security and well-paid job in the Bluesbreakers, forcing Green to temporarily hire a bassist named Bob Brunning.

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A few weeks later McVie changed his mind, however, as he felt that The Bluesbreakers musical direction were shifting too much towards jazz, and he joined Fleetwood Mac on bass in December With McVie now in Fleetwood Mac, the band recorded its first album, the eponymous Fleetwood Mac in the following months. The album was released in February , and became an immediate national hit, establishing Fleetwood Mac as a major part in the English Blues movement.

Chicken Shack ft. Christine Perfect - Hey Baby - 1968 45rpm

Fleetwood Mac started playing live gigs in blues clubs and pubs throughout England, and became a household name in the national blues circuit. In the next three years, the band scored a string of hits in the UK and also enjoyed success in continental Europe. While on tour, Fleetwood Mac would often share venues with fellow blues band Chicken Shack.

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  7. It was on one such occasion that McVie met his future wife, the lead singer and piano player of Chicken Shack, Christine Perfect. Following a brief romance of only two weeks, McVie and Perfect got married with Peter Green as best man.