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If you are only going to use apps from the App Store, do not check the App Store option and identified developers. Still, it is not an infallible system. Therefore, it is good to know how you can be affected by security problems. Look in forums or consult with an advanced user so they can guide you. That is the first step to enjoy the security of the Mac.

That mentality inherited from Windows here does not make sense. However, there are situations where it is recommended. But not for your own need but for the safety of third parties. If you are in a network with PC Windows computers a malicious file will not affect you but you could serve as a propagation channel. And of course, if a person receives a file from you, the last thing they will think is that they may come infected.

So pay attention. And where it usually is, there are other measures to control work environments. Windows users have very assumed the need to install drivers so that the devices they install work optimally. At least until not long ago. When you connect a new USB device to your Mac only rarely, you will have to perform an installation.

Moreover, on these occasions the system usually launches an assistant to download the necessary driver.

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So do not worry. This backup utility will not be perfect but it is practically transparent to the user, it has the ability to save versions so you can navigate through the history to find the file you needed at the exact point. To use Time Machine you only need an additional storage unit. It can be an external USB hard drive or even network drives.

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There are WD options that also support but for potential I prefer more for the first two. But hey, let each one choose the one he likes the most. If you want to go deeper into the subject of the NAS, you can have a look at a purchase guide. Specialized websites where also in format, podcast, text and video tell interesting things to get the most out of them.

These file systems are the natives with whom the system works. Nor for other devices such as televisions or multimedia players. If we are going to share a storage unit with other users, we need to use a compatible format. Spotlight, as I said before, is without a doubt my favorite feature of macOS for years. Spotlight can be configured from system preferences to index only those directories and files you want. With these options you can achieve absolute control of every file stored on your Mac. Start using it because in a short time you will fall exhausted to its power. After many years writing about Apple and its operating systems, services, etc.

It is difficult to establish a list of basic or essential applications. The profiles and uses of each one are different and therefore their needs. Still, I launch and dare to recommend some that in my opinion should be in all Mac. From here and taking into account Apple applications that brings as Photos which in its latest versions is not only a photo manager but also a good image editor , Mail, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, etc … It is a matter of seeing necessities and searching the App Store or recommendations of other users with more time on the platform.

Right here in Applesfera you can find a crowd. It is a simple process. Haz clic en Browse "Explorar". Haz clic en OK "Aceptar". Haz clic en Install "Instalar". Ahora, es posible ejecutar Recuva desde la memoria USB.

Much more than documents.

Introduce la memoria USB en tu computadora Windows. En caso de que no se abra una ventana, debes hacer clic en Inicio. Abre Recuva. Para ello, haz doble clic en el programa recuva Este se encuentra en la ventana de la memoria USB. Haz clic en Next "Siguiente". Marca el recuadro "Pictures" "Fotos" y luego haz clic en Next "Siguiente". El recuadro "Pictures" se encuentra cerca de la parte superior de la ventana.

Haz clic en Start "Iniciar". Es posible que tome varios minutos terminar este proceso.

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Revisa los resultados. Recupera las fotos que se puedan. Marca el recuadro que se encuentra a la izquierda de cada foto que quieras restablecer o bien selecciona todo haciendo clic en el recuadro que se encuentra en la parte superior izquierda. Luego, haz lo siguiente: Haz clic en Recover Haz clic en Desktop "Escritorio". Haz clic en Make new folder "Crear nueva carpeta". Espera a que se terminen de recuperar las fotos en esa carpeta nueva. Prueba con el restablecimiento de una copia de seguridad.

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Conecta la unidad de Historial de Archivos y luego haz lo siguiente: [1] Abre Inicio. Teclea restaurar archivos.

Haz clic en Restaurar archivos con el Historial de archivos. Busca la carpeta de las fotos. Haz clic en Restaurar. Revisa la Papelera. En caso de que encuentres las fotos en la Papelera, puedes seleccionarlas, hacer clic derecho en esos archivos y luego hacer clic en Recuperar para restaurarlos a sus ubicaciones originales. However in Applesfera we have a multitude of articles where we talk and we show shortcuts of very interesting keyboards to know:.

You can practically drag and drop on a folder, storage unit, application, etc … any file to interact. For example, a. You can drag and drop to do almost anything on your Mac: You can also drag items to the Dock or the Finder sidebar to access them easily. Try, experiment and you may be surprised. The drag-and-drop feature helps a lot in your daily work when you want to take a file or information between applications.

Also, use modifiers such as the ALT key.

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But first I want to explain how the macOS apps are. The first as you can guess make use of an installer to place files in various folders of the system necessary for proper operation. The second does not, simply drag and drop on the application folder the file that is normally contained in a.

DMG or. ZIP file. Therefore, when you open one of these files you will see that a kind of new unit is mounted. Well, inside is the app, drag it to the desktop or application folder. Why is it important to know this?

If it is an application type the Adobe Suite you will have to use its uninstaller. If on the contrary they are container applications it is enough to transfer them to the wastebasket. The few files that will remain on the computer are of preferences and do not affect. The latter is very useful for many other reasons and one of my few recommendations for all types of users. The recommended way to find applications for the Mac is the App Store. The main one: This way you can directly see which search engine will be used for the search.

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Tapping on this icon will also directly show the lost of search engines where you can pick another one for the search. When filling out forms, the keyboard has another button attached which can be used to put the content of the clipboard into the currently selected form field When filling out forms on an iPad under iOS 9 and later, it is now possible to move the buttons that are attached to the keyboard fill form, save form, QR code scanner and paste clipboard to the left or right using a swipe gesture.

So if the buttons overlap certain elements of the web site, these can be moved to the other side. New Module added to call the "CamelCamelCamel" service, which lists the price history of a product on an Amazon product page Added a workaround for misconfigured web servrs which explicitly ask the browser to download JSON files, that should definitely not be downloaded Bugfix: When using the Twin Browser Mode, the fullscreen buttons have to be used twice for the second browser after the fullscreen mode was enabled in the first Added a workaround for the case where network connections time out for no reason Version 9.