How to burn xbox 360 games iso on mac

How To Share Game Clips And Screenshots To Your Xbox Feed In Windows 10

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How to burn Xbox 360 games on a Mac OSX Mountain Lion / Maverick 2013

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Elementary OS, is my favorite Linux distribution. It looks slick and works great. Highly recommend it.

Trying to burn on Mac but Xbox iso not workinf | AfterDawn Discussion Forums

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Learn More. Nov 7, Messages: Is my software old? I used to be able to dowload and burn games fine with Abxx and xbox iso hacker but now games are "l. May 9, Messages: That won't work with the newer games.

XBoxBurner Is Easiest Way To Burn Xbox And Xbox 360 Game Images

The disc format is different. If you have a Windows PC, you're in luck. Google Burner Max Firmware, and that should point you in the right direction.

BillB , Nov 7, I dont know anything bro Nov 8, Messages: MingFu , Nov 8, Oct 6, Messages: This is the 5th time you posted the same question ON 4 different posts. I even helped you, I even gave you a guide on how to burn XGD3 backups using a mac. Last edited: Nov 8, May 16, Messages: Look at all of your posts.

Notice my reply to one of your posts and the bottom?