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This option follows the crypt list to validate the ranges you submit, so it does not encrypt sectors which are currently encrypted, and will not decrypt sectors which are currently not encrypted. This option supports power fail protection. Crypt Sectors option cannot be used if Endpoint Encryption has become corrupt on the disk, or the crypt state has been corrupted, however, the Force Crypt Sectors option can be used in such cases. While changing the encryption state with this option, it effects with appropriate modifications to the disk Crypt List.

For example, while you encrypt a new range, it creates a new Region definition.

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While you decrypt within an existing Region, the existing region is split into two, if you completely decrypt a region, it removes the Region from the crypt list. The USB disk containing the recovery information file. The Warning window appears. Those options and their functionalities are listed in the table below. Topic Description Disk Information Disk Power Fail Status Endpoint Encryption for Mac tracks the progress of encryption on the drive to make sure that if power is lost during encryption, the process is recoverable.

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Status Determines whether the drive is currently in powerfail state. A status of Inactive indicates that the current encryption process has finished.

This usually corresponds to the number of partitions on the drive. Region Each region is defined as follows: Start Sector The physical start sector of the region End Sector The last physical sector included in the region Sector Count The number of sectors included in this region Disk Partitions A section per Logical partition on this physical drive as follows: Partition Count The unique partition number. Partition Type The file system detected on this partition.

Partition Bootable Whether the partition is bootable or not. Partition Recognized Whether the partition is recognized as viable. Partition Drive Letter The detected drive letter of this partition. Partition Start Sector The physical start sector of the partition. Partition End Sector The physical end sector of the partition. Partition Sector Count The number of sectors in the partition.

Partition Bus Type Bus type used in particular partition. This is a diagnostic feature which is part of the EETech Mac tool.

Before using this option call McAfee Technical support for assistance. It simply performs the operation blindly according to user input.

Force Crypt does not support power fail, nor does it apply any logic or parameter validation on the input. You should use the Force Crypt Sectors option only when everything else fails.

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For example, when the on-disk structures are completely corrupted. If you are forced to use this option, you should make a recording of each operation you apply to support in data recovery. CAUTION: Make sure that there is no possibility of losing power while using this option as this option does not support power fail protection. Edit Disk Crypt State The disk crypt state contains information about which range of sectors are encrypted.

This option allows you to change the ranges. Product Guide Data Center Connector for vsphere 3. Product Guide Data Center Connector 3. Installation Guide McAfee epolicy Orchestrator 5. The client transfer between epo servers guide McAfee Drive Encryption 7.


Integration Guide Manager for use with epolicy Orchestrator 4. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored. Do not copy without. Fujitsu is committed to bringing you the best computing experience with your new system. It is very important that you.

Product Guide McAfee epolicy Orchestrator 5. SecureDoc for Mac v6. All rights reserved. Printed in Canada Many products, software and technologies are subject to export control for both Canada and. JAMF Software has made all efforts to ensure that. McAfee epolicy Orchestrator 4. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in. JAMF Software has made all. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted,.

There are three stages to the installation which should be completed in order. The installation. Release Notes for McAfee epolicy Orchestrator 4. Symantec File Share Encryption is a software tool that provides multiple ways to protect and share. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed,. Table Of Contents 1. Table of Contents After installing your device, locate the serial number on the label.

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