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Want to use a mouse with iPad? Plus the iPad and mouse experience works really great with an iPad, particularly if you have the iPad setup as a desk workstation. Some iPhone users are finding they are accidentally deleting emails in Mail app of iOS 13, instead of replying to them as desired. This is because the Trash icon to delete emails is located directly next to the reply icon, a change to the Mail app interface that was introduced to iPhone with iOS Depending on the email account type, that delete email button may be an archive email button instead, but the location is the same and some users are accidentally archiving emails rather than replying to them as well.

Apple has released MacOS Catalina MacOS Catalina Apple has released the final versions of iOS Separately, Apple has also released a security update versioned as iOS If you use iPhone 5 you will want to update the device to iOS Failure to do so means iPhone 5 will have problems with internet connectivity and functionality, significantly degrading the devices utility.

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This is apparently due to an issue with GPS having a correct time. According to Apple, any iPhone 5 that is not updated to at least iOS In other words, most internet and internet functionality will not work on iPhone 5 without the software update. Apple Card is a credit card offered by Apple and Goldman Sachs that offers daily cash back, in-app data about your purchases and spending habits, and other benefits, and you can use it directly from iPhone in the Wallet app.

But unlike those other high-end credit cards, the Apple Card is much more broadly accessible and without the same requirements to obtain. Unsending an Instagram message will literally unsend it and delete it from all sides of the conversation, so if you send something and regret it you can undo that decision. You can easily add filters to your videos captured on iPhone or iPad, a new ability that has been introduced in the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS. And it looks and works exactly how you would expect it to.

Apple has released the third beta version of MacOS Catalina Apple has released iOS Typically a developer beta version rolls out first, soon followed by the same build to public beta testers. The optional Dark Mode appearance theme is a popular choice for many iPad users who want a darker look when using their device.

So, just to clarify price on that if you are looking for budget purposes. Thanks for letting us know about that section needing to be updated. I need a catch-all alias to be sure to receive all the email addresses How do I set up with a live domains. To add to my earlier query, I would like to have my own domain name. Can help to create it and have it linked to my website? Hi, I like to create a business email address. Can you please advise?

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Please take a look at our guide on how to set up professional email address with Google Apps and Gmail. For bussiness e mail address I have to pay? I do not work for over year. I have no extra money to pay for e-mail. I have only money for the rent not even for the food.. You can also get a business email address with Gmail. They are offering one month free trial that you can use.

I have already my own domain name and want to create email id for my organization, needs technical support. Can I still create a business email address using my domain name?

Me too want to know the details about the below screenshot. Is this will be problem to us with the existing emails and email IDs.

Thank you so much!! This is such a great guide to setting up a custom email. I only have one problem and that is when I entered the new MX Record I was not aware that you would have to delete any existing Records in that area otherwise it will interfere with the activation of the account. Use the settings below. Hi, I set up the account following your instructions. Thanks But I have this problem , i am not receiving any mails in my inbox. Microsoft says they resolved the issue. But doesnt look like so. I am trying to setup emails for my domain.

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This tutorial is really helping me since I am a non technical person. Ankush dreamhost does support A records and Max records. Better than nothing, I guess. Hi I set up my domain via Godaddy. My question is: When I tried replying to the email my replies bounces back. Hi- I did a setup of outlook. All seems to be working fine except i am not able to get emails from MS Outlook. If it is possible to access email via MS Outlook app please let me know. We run a mail server and batch import mail into a sql server database.

Hi, I just created an outlook email admin account with my own domain name. Will I be able to see the emails sent to the users I created? If so, how do I enable that feature? Thank you Great article by the way. If you want users to use mail. Using a subdomain will allow users to sign in to their accounts by typing in your domain name instead of outlook.

Please can you provide a guide on how to create this? Hi, thanks for your tutorial. Please make the required DNS changes. Currently outlook allows 50 free Email addresses. If I need more Account then what is the procedure? Very good article!!! It save me a lot of time Thank you!

Hi I have a question, I bought my domain name off Godaddy, but I built the site and its being hosted by wix.

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Hope to hear from you soon Phil. Awesome post! Very user-friendly. This was almost effortless. I was up and running after about 10 minutes! Let me know how to configure this on blackberry and iPhone devices. Thanks — Janarthanan. I want to view my old mails from my previous employers where we were using Outlook server. I have those. Could any one please help me on the step by step guide. Guys the New UI of outlook is tooooo slow. While loading it makes my PC also slow. Outllook can compete Gmail but will loss badly only due to his loading speed.

Check your computer. Due to the new Gmail compose debacle, I have been testing Outlook. Not to mention everything that lives in Google Drive. I already have an email account on Google Apps, if I were to move to Outlook, what would happen to emails that I already have in my existing accounts on changing the MX record?

Do I have to transfer my emails from google apps to outlook?

Thank you. I have successfully setup my professional email. But can I go to mail. Hi, I followed the steps and everything went fine. But when I started using the email, I can send emails, but not receive them. Any idea what can be the issues? Did you get solution to your problem? Please guide us as well. I finally finally got to the last part.. I had to login using my old live.

Anyways I was able to create an info email for my domain, but now where do I go to login?